Sciacca Collection

Introducing the Isolation Face Plate in Orange

We are re-launching the Isolation face plates with the addition of the new Orange colour way. Pink cheeks and with a pale blue eye, this colour combination was inspired by the colours of Sicily. Intended to spark joy and make you smile. Mount on the wall as a piece of art or use as an intriguing addition to your tableware setting. Intended to be held on to and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Isolation Face Plate in Orange

Isolation Face Plate Collection As Seen In Liberty

  • Combining a love of Sicilian design with expert pottery skills, Kate Sellers of K.S. Creative Pottery brings us this playful collection. Hand-thrown and painted from her home studio in Kent. These unique face plates are a cult tableware item, intended to be enjoyed for years to come.

  • Truly one-of-a-kind, the Picasso-esque design is characterful and endearing, taking its inspiration from traditional Sicilian artistry and a love of all things eccentric. Display alongside the different colourways and sizes for a playful mix and match tablescape. - Liberty

"KS Creative Pottery's unique Isolation Face Plates are a cult tableware item"

- Liberty -