K.S Creative X Collagerie

The Crafted for Collagerie Jug was designed with a nod to artisanal ceramics. A traditional form with a modern twist. Working closely with the inspirational Lucinda Chambers, we developed a bespoke selection of colours in deep earthy tones. Each piece is hand thrown on the wheel, painted with coloured slips ( liquid Clay) and finished with a cobalt blue ribbon design. Meaning that no two will be the same. Each piece truly unique and intended to be held onto for a lifetime.

Crafted for Collagerie Jug

K.S Creative X Collagerie

The Crafted for Collagerie Candle Holder was designed to be outside of the norm, more unexpected. It has a large plate like base with a candle holder that holds a standard candle. We liked the idea that you can stand your candle in the holder but it can also hold flowers, jewellery or decorations. Beautiful yet multi functional. Bringing charm and interest to your table scapes. The colours are depp and earthy.

Thrown from Staffordshire white stoneware, decorated in bespoke colours and finished with a cobalt ribbon design.

Crafted for Collagerie Candle Holder

K.S Creative X Collagerie

Created for Collagerie Hanging decorations

A set of decorations in geometric shapes, with a deep earthy colour pallet.

Perfect for decorating an arrangement, bringing interest to any table scape or more traditionally hung on the tree. We believe decorations are not just for Christmas but bring joy all year around.

Crafted for Collagerie Hanging Decorations

As seen in Liberty

Truly one-of-a-kind, the Picasso-esque design is characterful and endearing, taking its inspiration from traditional Sicilian artistry and a love of all things eccentric. Display alongside the different colourways and sizes for a playful mix and match tablescape. 

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